Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Story of Boring Joke

a bunch of soldiers sitting around the barracks.

one old guy yelled 31 and the place broke out in laughter.
after a moment or two, another guy yelled 52 and more laughter erupted.

then a depressed-looking guy in the corner yelled 29 followed by silence.
he yelled again, 68 and again, the room was silent.

the new recruit asked the guy in the next bunk what was going on.
the guy answered, "we’ve been together so long that we know each others' jokes too well, so we decided to just number them and save us the time"

the new guy asked again, "but what about that guy in the corner?"
"oh he never could tell a joke."

why should we do anything more than once? should we live just one day?... 
it's new every time, each time is a different experience

joke via J.T. Junig


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