Thursday, September 29, 2011

EgyMobiEd - Egypt Mobile Editor

starting from October, 6, in Egypt, NTRA decided to change the mobile codes, this will increase the mobile numbers from 10 numbers to 11 numbers, with a certain plan for each carrier; Vodafone, Mobinil, and Etisalat... 

imagine if you have, on average, 250 contact, and you need 1 minute to modify each, this would take up to 4 hrs and this is annoying

I made a simple tool that works with a wide range of mobiles, on any Windows PC to edit the contacts with a few steps:

1- copy your contacts to your PC
using bluetooth or your mobile PC suite with cable/bluetooth
"you can search google if you had any difficulty doing this"

now you'll have one file or multiple files on your computer with ".vcf" or ".contact" extenstion 
"this depends on your mobile model and OS"

2- open the "EgyMobiEd" file, you downloaded

 3- click "Browse", and choose the folder where you copied your contacts

4- keep the "Backup" button checked if you need the tool to make a copy of the old contacts just in case

5- click "Modify"
this will do a backup copy in "ContactsBackup" folder and modify the contacts

6- now replace your phone contacts with the modified ones
using bluetooth or whatever you want to use...

* this tool won't modify any landline, fax, email, or any other contact data, also won't affect any manually modified contact according to the new plan
* if you have an old phone you can copy your contacts to your SIM, then do it with another phone


  1. Thanks, this seems like a great solution.

  2. جزاك الله خيرا

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