Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Best of Through The Wormhole 1

over the past few weeks I started following Through The Wormhole, an amazing documentary exploring the mysteries of the universe.  I enjoyed it a lot, specially with the deep voice of Morgan Freeman

I collected some of the best quotes and facts from the 1st season, hope you like it...

life is short and time is precious, we have our triumphs, we make our mistakes... if we could go back and correct those mistakes, would we ever learn anything from them?

just because at the moment your ideas are not fashionable or agreed upon, if you believe what you're doing is right, persist

the expansion of scientific knowledge will never fill in all the cracks, there will always be room for faith

just because you can't see something, doesn't mean there's nothing there 

discovery is exciting, but you have to temper that excitement and realize that you haven't proven it yet. so the search must go on

we choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard
in some research, payoff is just the pure knowledge

the better is the understanding... the simpler is description

to learn how everything around us fits together, we have to break things apart 

to understand how to twist reality, we have have to stop looking and learn how to listen 

there's a young lady named bright, she traveled far faster than light, she left oneday in a relative way, and returned home the previous night

sometimes science consists of cleaning up a lot of stuff, and seeing what's left behind

searching for clues is incredibly difficult, but fortunately, sometimes the clues come to us

the lines separating our real lives from our virtual lives begin to blur

the human brain is about 100.000 times more powerful than a current-day computer

black holes are places where the accepted laws of physics break down

we don't have the mental architecture yet to understand the universe

light beams are responsive somehow to gravity

Albert Einstein saw space and time as a flexible material that could be distorted by gravity

Leonard Susskind is one of the greatest physicists who began life as a plumber and proud of it, his observations about black holes were inspired by plumbing :D

the problem with Einstein theory is 2 descriptions of the same event, and that what relativity is based on

the earth is not rigid; the earth is sort of a squishy, goes up and down by a foot

time and space are tightly locked together

gravity slows time and this is the key to one form of time travel. I remember the aging issue of astronauts

since every bit of space exists here right now that means that every bit of time exists right here right now too

considering that there are hundreds of billions of galaxies, helps us understand the true scale of the universe

singularity; the initial state before the big bang, there was no-where and no-when

gravity can under some circumstances act repulsively and produce a gigantic acceleration

a tiny fraction of a second later after the big bang, the universe had doubled in size 100,000 times

the intersection of 2 planes is a line, and of 3 is a point. so our world is the intersection of 10 dimensions + time

in a clock, the gaps separating seconds makes sense for a second, if there was no gaps, the minute would be only one second

gravity is one of the factors that controls creatures shapes

if aliens from another galaxy were watching us, they will see the earth 1,000 years ago

you can almost look at any technology that we use today as an extension of the human body

humans have been so interviewed with technology for thousands of years already that it's really hard to pull the two apart

fundamental forces: gravitational, electromagnetic, weak and strong; we know the first, we think we understand the second, but we can't take in the other two

all the stars are moving at the same speed, no matter how far from the center of galaxy, unlike planets in solar system

we live in a universe of matter and light; matter that makes us and light that sustains us

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