Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Criticizing People

first, I'll admit that I can't stop myself from commenting on any thing, situation, action, ... etc like a young kid.

I know that is socially unacceptable and some people consider me impolite...
but appreciation is a kind of criticizing, you judge something say whether this is good or it is not, we love appreciation and hate criticism

ok, let me tell you that criticizing someone's action or work, doesn't mean in the first place that I don't like him; never... it means I DON'T LIKE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE THIS WAY !!

I'll classify criticizing as I see it:
1- family
2- friends
3- work colleagues
4- public figures
5- people you don't know

1- family: "the soup is salty, mom" then you regret "no naughty kid, you're impolite..."

2- friends: "your beard makes me feel you're a mafia man, shave it" he replies "it's not your business" but "you're my friend"

3- work colleagues: "which stupid one of you did that part of the program?" the victim replies "you're the only stupid" ooh I got him

4- public figures: they receive loads of criticism that can't be handled... so I prefer to be any thing but not a public figure, so I'll skip it

5- people you don't know: someone is smoking in public transport, "please stop... please stop" then you end up by saying "you and assholes like you deserve burning like your cigarettes"

don't judge me by those situations. I only wanna say I love my mom though her salty soup and my friend though his gangster beard and my work colleague though his bad code, and have nothing personal with the smoker in public transport if he's not smoking

your thoughts don’t define you, your emotions don’t define you, your reactions don’t define you

your thoughts don’t define you: "why they are doing this"
your emotions don’t define you, "I hate what they are doing"
your reactions don’t define you, "I criticize what they are doing"

what you think, it's either truth or happiness, but never both

I like criticism, it adds value, it means I did something that deserves attention
I never learned from a man who agreed with me...

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