Monday, March 14, 2011

horoscopes - how we are fooled?

this topic was originally some tweets and I collected, edited and rephrased them

I'll share some thoughts about horoscopes and astrology, and how they are completely FAKE

astrology and graphology do not have to be accurate

instead, you simply give people a general statement about personality, and their brains will trick them into believing that it is insightful and individual

horoscopes have fooled millions of people over thousands of years

astrologers can produce any old rubbish providing it is sufficiently vague and flattering

most people will tick the "highly accurate" box

given that the scientific evidence in favor of astrology is less than overwhelming it would be tempting to conclude that

conclusion: "there is no real science associated with a person’s date of birth"

imagine how many birth date records are not true

how much can twins differ though they share the same birth date and the same coincidences, what about a university professor in cambridge and a worker in zimbawabie suffering from AIDS ?!!

astrology means "you can explain or predict fate, personality, human affairs", and this not a science !!

"most people are more than willing to believe anything that puts them in a positive light" so they think in horoscopes

fuzzy future and fear drives you to believe in someone's SMART rephrase of "almost the same shit" and traditions push you towards it

"the most gullible people would rather fool themselves than face up to their gullibility" and this another reason to believe astrologist

sometimes we accept to be fooled and we go to theaters waiting for magicians to fool us...

but "magicians are honest deceivers; unlike most liars, they are completely open about their intentions to cheat"

finally I remember: "if you are one in a million... there are 1300 of you in China" you ain't that special

some of those thoughts are not mine; copied from various books and some online topics...

please reconsider believing this bullshit