Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's time to think about graduation project

we, me and my colleagues, had an open discussion about next year graduation project insha'Allah

the scope of our department project is limited within 3 or 4 categories:
1- control and robotics
2- networks
3- modeling and simulation

and may be fake image processing

and I dont need any of these except the image processing ... and one friend agreed with me, only one

I dont blame the others, it's upon everyone's interests

but why to stick to normal ideas, why to kill the innovation

"you must make a hardware-related project, NO SOFTWARE"

no one can make a middle-ware software except us

what about mobile applications...

all what I need is permission to think freely

to find a good idea, and a good team to support it

but I still need an idea... idea... idea... idea... idea... idea...


  1. I do have the same KIND of problem in my college, it is not about graduation project, but in the choices people make!

    let me explain to you a little bit.
    In the last 2 years, we choose 2 tracks, through choosing from a list of elective courses, we have 5 tracks.
    Electronics, Communication Systems, Signal Processing, Opto-electronics, Microwave.

    Most if not all of my colleagues chose electronics & communication systems, although they don't seem to have interest in any of them, but they see that the other tracks are useless, & jobless.

    Most of them want things the easy way, & unfortunately Doctors promote their tracks & say that other tracks are useless & jobless :S

    the result is, 13 out of 90 will enter signal processing track after me & a friend doing the impossible to educate ppl about the track & why it is pretty important.

    let me summarize what i mean.

    I believe, the current generation wants a change, they join fb groups calling for change, follow ppl calling for change, but they don't want to be THAT change, they want others to change, & they just watch the change happening!!

    The least change they can do, to choose different tracks than the usual ones, and let me tell you that about 80% of my colleagues HATE electronics, much as i do! but they say: "elnas kolaha da5la electronics weldoctor by2olo enha kwysa we leha sho3'l, eshta y3ny"

    But i won't blame only my colleagues, i MUST blame the doctors for not being totally honest, & they ALWAYS "beyefto" i mean, they don't know what signal processing is about, and yet they say "ana msh mot5yl 7d ydres signal processing, da malosh lazma y3ny"

    Sorry for that VERY long comment, but i have been nervous for about 3 months because the ignorance of my colleagues might have prevented me from studying what i want, because a minimum of 7 students must apply for a course to be opened.

  2. One more thing, why did you say "fake image processing" ??!!

  3. no need for being sorry, I liked your long comment.
    I got your point, we are moving with the herd :(

    and about the image processing, simply we dont have a professor who know any damn thing about it, so we will dig in the ocean and catch the old thrown shoes :D