Friday, May 28, 2010

How to deliver a good presentation ?

people specially, students, always worry about presentations and how to make this day pass peacefully

but for me, it s a different day, when you are speaking and people listen

here, I ll give you simple tips from my short experience...

first, make a good story, yes the story is the backbone of the presentation

make a good start, not the ordinary boring one

dont add dozens of information, that will make your presentation sucks

dont write something you dont know

make it funny as possible

good off-topicing that would serve the idea

pictures, photos, images... add a lot of them, choose carefully

make a short notes to help you during the presentation

write every abbreviation in the notes, you may forget

now it s your presentation day, you are worried?

dont over-dress, normal clothes work perfect

get your mind caffeinated, this will make your mind sharper, and will give you some self-confidence

lets show up....

dont start that you are pleased to be with them, but do your best to make them so

be simple as much as you can, act smoothly

dont think of the stage-fright and it ll never matter

the audience are your friends and supporting you, and wishing you luck too :D
"I know that it s not true, but you have to think like this"

first if you can have a remote device, will help you to move freely

move, move, move

pass your eyes over the audience randomly and focus on the first and the last rows

dont look onto audience eyes, just the forehead

respond to the audience reactions and emotions

make it funny, till the end

draw a sine wave in speeding up and slowing down

be ready for the unexpected comments, questions, criticizing

accept the questions seriously, answer with a smile

if you dont know the answer, go direct and say "I'll check it later"

hope I could give you simple tips to help you make your presentation perfect

your good comments are welcomed :)

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