Thursday, March 18, 2010

Who I am?


Although I'm using Blogger since December 2005, created a bunch of blogs, I've never made a personal one. I mean by personal, to talk about my self, my thoughts, share my new ideas... may be crazy ones, use my customized English, may be Franco-Arab

and this is for people who misunderstood me, and think that I'm the bad guy... but I'm not that bad and not that good too

first of all, I'm -as you may know- a 3rd computer engineering student, what a start!
may be engineering is in my family chromosomes, or it's the family business :D then.... interested in 3 things: computer stuff, cars and wildlife.

dont know anything about football, politics, art... "the stuff all people are discussing" .

a night person, means that dont judge me from my morning reactions.

simple, but care about every small detail, may be accurate.

have a good family and love them all.

have few true friends and doing my best to keep them close.

very helpful, but with my own will, but not the idiot who help certain people for a reason.

respect everyone as a human, ignoring gender, religion, color, job, money and other stuff that the stupid judge people with.

believe that every one is free to do whatever he wants, but not affect me with his deeds.

a little nervous, as people say, and not very kind, because of the stress of college and other surroundings.

a bit selfish and this is the human nature.

workaholic if it deserves, and sleepyhead too.

crazy somehow but not asshole.

not a good listener in discussions but convincing.

criticizing everyone, and may be awfully

sometimes overreact with stupid actions.

very ambitious but with suitable limits.

and that's all.......

your good comments are welcomed :D

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