Saturday, March 20, 2010

MultiTouch for HP Synaptics TouchPad

Yesterday I was discussing with a friend of mine, the latest nvidia driver issue, and how nvidia and HP are providing the best driver support.

I was surprised when I read this "Synaptics driver enables multitouch gestures on older trackpads", so do you think that HP and Synaptics did it?

Lets have a try....

I installed the new driver from here

and uninstalled the oldie from "Programs", restarted the machine.

then installed the new driver and the magic happens...

the new driver enabled multitouch (two and three fingers) for the same old hardware

you need to configure some settings to enable some features and customize some

I tried the zoom feature and the 3-finger press to open a program and flick to switch between photos

you can check the demo videos found in "C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP"


  1. nice blog and article but i think you will need to state copyright informaiton about the pictures of HP and Synaptics just in case :D , keep it up ;)

  2. Thanks Wael,
    I think the logos dont need copyright info for a personal blog.

  3. This is great, thank you Aiman :)