Monday, March 22, 2010

How to make a "Tweet This" button

Today Twitter became a essential part of our life, we tweet every single small thing, share ideas, thoughts, music, , photos, videos ... etc

and making a blog or a personal website is now easier, so no need of any experiences to make it.

you read something you like, decide to share, so you go to the url and copy the link, go to a url shortener website cause the limitation of the damn 140 characters, choosing a suitable words for the post then go to twitter and tweet it.

you can simply make a "Tweet This" to save your visitors efforts without any plug-ins

1- choose a suitable image -like ugly mine- or text like "Tweet This"

2- choose a suitable text like 'How to make a "Tweet This" button' and make sure it's SHORT and obvious

3- make you url shorter using any of this websites, I prefer to use TinyURL

4- now you can add your twitter account username "@AimanTarek"

5- now go to
URL Decoder/Encoder website copy the whole text you wanna post:
Title + link + via @twitter_username
How to make a "Tweet This" button by @AimanTarek

6- the url encoder will provide you with a code suitable for a URL

7- now add the fowlowing URL to the "Tweet This" image/button + URL encoder result

enjoy :)

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