Sunday, March 28, 2010

The blind side of our society

I watched The Blind Side movie, based on Michael Oher biography

this movie is about a poor homeless NFL player, then a rich family took care of him and provided him with food and a place to sleep

of course I'm not writing to promote neither the movie nor the player...

the point is how the rich ain't aware of the neighboring homeless poor.

I don't mean financial support, I mean to respect them, improve their life, provide them with a better education opportunities.

They are humans just like us, have their dreams, and hopes in a better tomorrow.

may be they deviate, because of the absence of ethics and good traditions.

when we do something bad, we don't blame our selves, though we found good parents to teach us not do so

but they have an excuse, never found someone to tell them "dont do that"

found a surrounding environment full of bad guys

then, our role comes....

before giving them money, they need someone to change their minds, they would spend the money on smoking and drugs

they need a better education, and upgrade life gradually, to adapt the change

I believe that every criminal needs treatment not punishment

they ain't criminals in the first place but they are victims to faults, they never committed

let's do something to help them...

just do anything,

you may think it's tiny

but it's a drop in the ocean,

"I can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone"

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